What Is Dental Tourism?

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism is the act of traveling outside of your home country to obtain dental care. While dental tourists may travel for a variety of reasons, those reasons are usually driven by cost considerations.

While cost is still a driving factor, these days, many travelers see dental tourism as an opportunity to get the healthcare they need at an affordable cost, while taking advantage of their recuperation time in a an exotic and desirable vacation destination.

In the case of Meza Dental Care, our patients look at it as a no-brainer. They come to us for great rates on the dental work they need. They are getting that care from some of the best dentists in the world that have all the accreditations (if not more) than their dentists back home have. Moreover, while they are healing, they’re spending the days in a tropical paradise, instead of their living rooms.

We think it is a win-win scenario for anyone that needs extensive dental work. However, many people have many concerns surrounding dental tourism, and we can certainly appreciate that. We would be nervous too; if we were thinking about going to another country, we have never been to before to have a medical procedure done. It’s only natural. That is why we have put together this section of our website. It addresses some of the most common concerns we’ve heard from our patients over the years. And remember, you can always call us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’re here to help!


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